International Conference for Police & Rescue Executives

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Featured speakers from the following organizations:

Phoenix     Mesa     Tucson     NorthernIreland     Queensland     HongKong    Interpol   south-african-police     seattle     APMS
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Who Should Attend?

  • Police & Law Enforcement Executives
  • Military Police Executives
  • Sheriff’s Office Executives
  • State Trooper Executives
  • Elected Officials and City Councillors
  • Police Board Members
  • Corporate Security Executives
  • By-law Enforcement Executives
  • Park Ranger Executives
  • Border Security Executives

Why Attend?

Learn from other's experiences:
Hear from the personal experiences of esteemed police and law enforcement executives

Build your network:
Senior executives say 'It's what you know, but also who you know.'

Develop your executive team:
Your success depends on your ability to manage outcomes through your executive team. Build your team's foundation by inviting them to attend with you.

Career advancement:
One component of career advancement is about creating opportunities through your networks.

Create a legacy:
Every great leader is remembered by how they managed through crisis. 'Create the future in the present' by learning strategies today that will enhance the future.